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"Improving your success in life by improving your backswing"

Welcome to A Perfect Swing. Our mission is to help individuals use golf as a networking tool to advance in their career.  In golf, one of the most critical steps to hitting the ball well is to get your backswing correct. The backswing is the movement of the golf club backwards away from the ball until the point where you reverse your swing down and forward.  Your backswing gets you in a proper position to hit the ball in the sweet spot, so you can maximize your distance. Just as the backswing in golf is key to hitting the ball successfully, your backswing in life is key for successfully achieving your goals.  Your backswing in life is your preparation for achieving your goals.  We provide activities for women, men, and youth. 


At A Perfect Swing, Inc., we recognize that, in the midst of the challenges of playing the game of golf, there is a great opportunity to network, build communication skills, and have a ton of fun. Good networking and communication skills are vital in your backswing of life. We provide non-competitive and competitive opportunities for individuals of all ages to come together, network, build communication skills, and share in the fun of playing the game.  So whether you have only considered playing golf or if you are already enjoying playing the game; A Perfect Swing, Inc. has a play time for you.